Another new toy, Logitech M720 Bluetooth wireless mouse

I’ve been wanting to buy a new mouse for a long time, and nowadays people actually spend at least 10 hours a day on the computer, so buying a mouse that works well and comfy is actually quite important. And For Comfy Mouse, Size Matters.

Logitech M720 review conclusion First: Logitech M720 wireless mouse is good value for money

Logi M720 is highly recommended for people who are looking for a “large” wireless mouse to use for long periods of time. If you have normal man’s hands and find a normal mouse too small for you to use. Also, you found the price of a large mouse is not affordable or charming. My suggestion is just buying it (Logitech M720) regardless the price concern.

Is Logitech m720 worth buying?

Yes, you absolutely will not regret buying Logitech M720. After buying you will definitely think why I didn’t buy it earlier. For larger mouse, the other option is the Logi M331. Logi M331 is a little smaller than the Logi M720, the size is acceptable but $10 dollar cheaper(only 1 device connectable )

Logitech M720 Review in short:

Aesthetics: ★★★★ ☆ (not good-looking but cool, is a kind of you are use “A” expensive mouse)

Practical: ★★★★★ (Excellent:  easy to use, good stability, fly wheel cool~)

Battery time: unknown

Bluetooth: ★★★★★ (Excellent, very convenient and can switch among 3 devices)

CP: ★★★★ ☆ (Excellent price, a little bit higher but worth it )

Logitech M720 Review begin

** I’ve been using Logitech M720 for a few months, it’s very smooth, especially the non-segment fly roller. Though it’s a little heavy, you can get used to it quickly as I do. I like it so much that I’ll buy another one if it’s broken.

(M720 mouse actual look, not very beautiful)

Recommended to change to wireless KB and Mouse

In fact, this article is mainly about the benefits of wireless mouse. I highly recommended that everyone changes to the wireless mouse and keyboard. Unless you are a professional designer who requires High sensitivity and DPI. The benefit of a wireless mouse is just one thing, no wire ~ ~ ~ end.

Wireless KB and Mouse can greatly save your time.

Changing to wireless keyboard and mouse can greatly save your time. Is it familiar to you that you have to lifted the mouse backwards and upwards to perform a certain degree of wire management? This action needs to be done at least three or four times a day. if space is tight, you may have to do it more than a dozen times a day. Surely, it lights up the fire

In addition, nearly everyone I recommend for a wireless keyboard and mouse won’t go back to wired KB and mouse. The general desktop space is limited. With a wired keyboard and mouse, sometimes it’s troublesome when you need to organize documents, install something or cut something. The keyboard and mouse will have to be moved to the storage area.

The wireless keyboard and mouse, in contrast, is very convenient in this case. You just pick it up and throw it around without being limited by the length of the cable.

Logitech M720 Pros:

1. wireless
2. Suitable for large hands
3. 3 sets of switchable devices
4. customizable keys (five sets)
5. Flying scroll wheel (no segments design rocks)

Logitech M720 Cons:

1. slightly heavy
2. need to set sensitivity, the default may not suite everyone, and custom buttons (can skip the custom setting)
3. $30 Price is slightly higher
4. sometimes the device will switch to other device due to mis-touch when you carry it in a bag, but this is a minor problem (to switch back)

How can we use Logitech M720?

Bluetooth device switching can be set to three devices. Switched by just one button.  the software can auto switch when the cursor cross-border.

Mouse key customization

Mouse gesture definition, many settings available, my settings are “copy”, “cut”, “paste” and “restore”.

      M720 size (easy to hold) M180 size ( have to grip, extremely uncomfortable)

The mouse itself has a Bluetooth connector storage slot to use, otherwise the receiver may disappear easily

Logitech M720 FAQ: How much DPI is the Logitech M720 triathlon?

The M720 Triathlon Mouse has a laser-sensor resolution of 1,000dpi and can be used on nearly any surface thanks to the High Precision Optical Tracking technology. My experience is quite accurate in Indesign, Photoshop, AI but I won’t say it’s extremely accurate in that DPI.

Logitech M720 FAQ: Is Logitech M720 silent?

The Answer is No. Logitech M720 is not silent and is not included in the logi silent series. The Fly wheel is actually making sounds, you will hear the click sound and fly wheel rolling sound. If you want a silent mouse, M720 is indeed not suitable for you. .

The above is Logitech M720 review unbox in five-minute(Bluetooth wireless mouse), thank you for watching!

Logitech M720 Specification (Official)

Technical Specifications

Sensor technology

  • High Precision Optical Tracking
  • DPI (Min/Max): 1000±


  • Number of buttons: 8


  • Hyper-Fast Scrolling Wheel
  • Scroll Wheel: Yes, Rubber
  • Tilt Wheel: Yes, with middle click


  • Battery: 24 months 5Battery life may vary based on user and computing
  • Batteries Details: 1 x AA (included)




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