Logitech MX Palm Rest is also what I want to buy for a long time. People will save everything when there is no money. However, with some extra money, we will start to buy something.

Normally people work eight hours a day, either typing or using a mouse. The proper height and wrist support is very important. Otherwise, you will have carpal tunnel syndrome, shoulder pain, elbow discomfort and other conditions. The Logitech MX Palm Rest seems to be the savior for heavy computer user or said poor office worker.

Conclusion: Low Value , value for nothing

How good it looks: ★★★★☆

Usability: ★★☆

Value: ★★☆

Is Logitech MX Keys palm rest worth it? No, it does not worth it

The Logitech MX Palm Rest is merely recommended for writers who use the normal chocolate 104 keyboard. Logitech MX Palm Rest is not very suitable for laptops and other keyboards. The main problem is the height. The height is too high for lower keyboard.

The height is four to five coins high.

MX Palm Rest Review Experience

Logitech MX Palm Rest out of the box are the product and the manual. then it is completely nothing else. It is very intuitive to use is placed in front of the keyboard, what else is there to say? I’m embarrassed.

In fact, this article is to prove that the unboxing sometimes you will unbox You thought a product might be excellent but it indeed sucks. Anyway, I held the Surface Pro with great joy, expecting the Logi MX Palm Rest to save my elbow and wrist.

It didn’t take me more than 10 seconds to realize that it didn’t work very well, in short, Logitech MX Palm Rest is not comfortable at all.

Using on the chocolate keyboard is better

In the spirit of detective Mouri Kogoro, I tried to discover MX Palm Rest‘s value by using it on chocolate keyboard. Well it feels slightly better. But the use of Logi MX Palm Rest is still a bit like a temporary relief. If you use MX Palm Rest for more than 10 minutes, you will have another kind of discomfort.

So The best way to use Logi MX Palm Rest is to use it occasionally when you think of it or your just don’t use it.

All in all, it looks like something that’s fancy, barely works. Thanks for your time for this Logitech MX Palm Rest Review.



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