Osmile ED1000 Dementia Tracker review & unbox (Anti Lost GPS Tracker for elderly with dementia, Alzheimer & Autism

The whole article is translated and modified from my Chinese review. Hope you enjoy it. If you find there are too much information in this review, you can just skip to the last paragraph for what you really need to know.

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This time I received the review invitation from Healthcare bracelet manufacturer” Ocare”, I will unbox and review the Osmile ED1000 anti lost GPS tracker watch for elderly with dementia and Alzheimer or (Autism for Kid). The product is a borrowed test sample and is returned after the test. It is honestly reviewed and does not receive any fee from Ocare. Process: review conclusion => show some part of the official introduction => Start Review

Help your family finding a way home

   If you can, please leave a way home for your family. Maybe he doesn’t want to leave home, just waiting for his family to find him and help him.

Conclusion of Osmile ED1000 Dementia tracker unboxing & review-(conclusion first)

If you want to find a GPS tracker watch that can monitor, locate, track, call out for help and monitor health for the elderly who are demented or have emotional disorders and sometimes he or her will wander around and get lost. Osmile ED1000 GPS dementia and Alzheimer tracker Watch for elderly is highly recommended.

Location and Tracking assistance ★★★★☆ Very good 
Product appearance               ★★★☆ Acceptable
Battery life                     ★★★★ Good
Customer Service Evaluation      ★★★★☆ Very good
Telecom support                  ★★★★ Good (Worldwide Applicable*) 
Osmile ED1000 GPS tracker Watch=> Good Value

Plus: Taiwan Product delivers from Taiwan. Taiwan product has good reputation around the world and this company has good customer service.  

Ocare’s customer service explain things very detailed and patiently, because such products are often complicated to install, and their customer service is a big plus to consumer. And if consumers want to buy similar products, they can also pay attention on the customer service reputation.

How to buy/Where to buy Osmile ED1000 Dementia Tracker anti-lost help positioning watch for the demented elderly

You can go to the Ocare Osmile ED1000 official website product purchase link www.Ocare.com.tw/ED1000-en.php Free shipping now and it’s cheaper than Amazon as I checked. The Refund and shipping policy is same as Amazon
Or you can purchase it on Amazon in GPS tracker Section: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B08VWB96FP

Ocare official introduction

Osmile ED1000 GPS anti-lost Tracking positioning watch for the elderly with dementia and Alzheimer

The Osmile ED1000 smart watch is not a medical device and cannot be used to diagnose diseases. The measurement result is for reference only. Please do not adjust the medicine according to the measurement result. Please take the medicine as prescribed by the doctor, only doctors are qualified to diagnose and treat diseases

When the demented elders go out on their own, wearing a personal satellite locator can assist in tracking and finding the location of the elders with additional emergency call function. People with dementia should carry personal satellite locators/tracker with them, so that the way home is no longer far away.

Osmile ED1000 Dementia tracker Product review begins~~~

Product appearance [★★★☆ Not so good but acceptable] 

The watch screen is relatively large, therefore the text size is big enough for the elderly Anti-Lost GPS positioning watches. If consumer purchases a relatively smaller screen smart watch, the elders may complain that the words are too small to see. The case thickness is quite thick; however that’s the common standard for similar products on the market. The design is indeed can only make this size and not smaller for needing to put Large volume battery,4G module, WiFi module, Bluetooth Module, Speaker, CPU ,ETC to the case. Anyway, it is a little heavy but not uncomfortable. The leather strap received feels good, and the product has a variety of straps. The color can be selected according to your preferences.

 Check the stripe colors of Osmile ED1000 Ocare.com.tw/ED1000-en.php
Battery life (★★★★Good)
Standby time: official 7 days Working time: official 2~3 days, Personal test result: up to two days

    Thanks to My previous job experience, I know pretty well about smart watches. The general standby time is basically only ~~~ for reference, as long as the heart rate or other detection functions are turned on, the standby time is at least halved. It is a common phenomenon among industries.

    As for watches with 4G and GPS positioning, most of their working time fall within one to two days (Believe me on the market, there still is smart watch cannot even last one day, simply e-waste. (For reference, Mi Band 5, which has fewer functions, has good battery life and some heart rate detection, it can last about two weeks, so it is still my personal favorite watch, Mi Band 5 does not have GPS Function though).

    Back to this 4G GPS Osmile ED1000 elderly tracking & positioning watch review/unbox, this watch has 4G and GPS functions, relatively speaking, it consumes more power, but the working time is better than a mobile phone. This model can last about two days. The performance is good compare to other 4G/GPS tracker watch on the market.

    Based on the above, Osmile ED1000 4G/GPS watch for elderly with dementia, my personal comment of its standby/working time is good.

The main functions:

Communication: 4G call (Clear & Loud ★★★★☆ Great)

Osmile ED1000 Dementia GPS tracker is designed for the elderly to Anti-Lost and positioning, so this review will focus on 4G calls, Tracking, & SOS help function.

4G call/video: The Osmile ED1000 watch is actually a mobile phone, designed with a dialing function. Just press the number like using a mobile phone to dial out. BTW This function does not need to Bluetooth connect to the mobile phone. The voice call is clear and loud. The incoming call ringtone is also loud.

APP communication: Support Line, Facebook, WeChat ETC. Application settings are the same as the mobile phone.

Except the basic message display, Osmile ED1000 also supports the Line sticker display. Then Type-in function would be very difficult on the small screen, therefore it is recommended to use only video and voice input/call function.

4G sim card installation: According to Ocare, Osmile ED1000 supports 4G sim card of major Tele-company all over world

I tested five major Tele-companies’ 4G sim card in Taiwan and it’s apparently working well. BTW I don’t have chance to test it oversea lol due to the covid-19.

4G & 5G support: Worldwide applicable
Thanks to my occupational hazard, I got the Band support information from Ocare. The frequent used 4g Bands of Majors Telecom worldwide are supported on ED1000, Like B1 2100mhz/ B2 1900mhz/ B3 1800mhz/B4 1700mhz/ B5 850mhz/ B7 2600mhz/ B8 900mhz/ B17 700mhz and more. You may not know what Band stands for, but in short, it’s the prove that ED1000 can be used in nearly every country.

Locating and tracking assistance: ★★★★☆ Very Good
Electronic fence + GPS positioning + GPS track playback + environment photo + 4G call is quite a complete wandering tracking solution.

  GPS positioning + mobile phone user positioning => so that you can know the current location of both parties, it is much easier to find the lost elders. (Easy to use)

The GPS track record replay can show the approximate trace within a period of time. The shortest interval can be set to record the track every 10 minutes, which is basically enough. 10 minute is also the common standard for most of GPS Tracker. Anyway, It seems that no shorter record interval products have been seen on the market at present time.

Remote take picture: You can take pictures from the watch end by Phone APP, which is really helpful to find out the current environment of the watch wearer, such as outdoor or indoor, with trees or ditch. It can provide key information for finding wandering people. The quality of the photo is not so good but enough. Anyway, I personally think that there is no need to pay too much attention to photo quality (just like getting 4K or FHD image quality, only a white wall was taken, and it seems unnecessary for finding out that “it is indoor with white wall”)

Electronic fence: You can set up electronic fences in several wearer’s frequently active areas. If watch wearer move beyond the range, it will notify the carer ( set on the phone app). The comment is easy to use

** Kindly reminder: GPS positioning is the same as a mobile phone. Indoors or places with poor signal will cause a little bit of mis-locating. Outdoor positioning is basically accurate. If you want to know the path of movement in home, this kind of product is impossible Achieved- This type of demand requires indoor track record products (I think it is expensive).

SOS one-press dialing, ★★★★ good

   I personally tested the Osmile ED1000’s one press SOS dial out function. It’s simply long press the SOS button for five second to dial out to the set SOS number. It is very fast and easy. Except the set phone number will receive incoming phone call, you will also receive APP Push notice that notifies you SOS phone call has been dialed out. (Can set 911 in SOS number)

(If your telephone company does not have voice mailbox function, just ignore the following paragraph)

Note that when the voice call is switched to the voice mailbox, It will not automatically hang up the call and automatically dial to the next set phone number. You may have to pay extra attention to that or consider canceling the voice mail service. However, considering that the need for help is more important, it would not be a big deal to make a call to telecom to cancel. In fact, I don’t use voice messages function anymore. Even if there is one, I think it’s a scam, but I am still too lazy to cancel it XD.

SOS fall-detection and calls for help function will not be evaluated (To me this function is too subjective and I will not evaluated it)

    First of all, I currently would not put my life on the watch fall SOS function even if it is the Apple Watch, because the judgment conditions are too delicate based on the Internet information. Maybe it will be stable a few years later. However, before that I won’t consider it or using it.

  At present, I feel that the result of this kind of products is by luck. If you really fall, you will be saved in time if you have good luck. If you are not lucky, you might fall, and your families are very at ease and relax, “Anyway, the watch will notify”. I can’t image if one falls and watch broken at the same time and what will happen then. In the event of a bad luck fall, this will “definitely” delay the time of sending your beloved one to hospital.

    Personally, I recommend that you pay more attention to whether the bathing time of watch wearer is longer than usual. Also, I think it is better to develop a habit of remotely tracking the physiological value of the wearer. And Those who have stairs recommend adding a friendly environment such as handrails and anti-skid.

  Although Osmile ED1000 can find the SOS setting for the fall and call, Ocare official clearly stated that please turn off this function and use the long-press SOS one-press dial when you fall. Because this part may actually have legal disputes, in case the machine malfunctions due to the fall. Besides that, if the signal is not good and other conditions are not dialed out, it may be delayed the time to send patient to the hospital. Finally, the fall and call function may be misjudged to dial out due to sensitivity issue, which will bother the user all the time.

Basically, I think Osmile’s official response is comparative conscientious; at least they will say it first. As for whether other watches have a good SOS automatic dial function and with a low misjudgment rate, I ever tested a few watches for PM to import   before. In conclusion, Fall and Call function is “very untrustworthy”. As long as there are new functions on the watch, there are usually many gimmicks. The sensitivity may be too high and may dial out 20-100 times a day. Simply say that it is too annoying. However if the sensitivity is too low, it will only dial out by very falling hard.

In fact, we will never know what grade of falling hard can make the watch to activate Fall and dial out function for low sensitivity watch.

Instead of relying on the fall and call out function, it is recommended to care more about your parents. It may be better to care about your vital signs through the phone (just call and say hello to your parent) or remotely measure the vital signs with the phone app. As for the Apple Watch, the benchmark for fall detection, Honestly, I don’t have one. Therefore I here would not comment Apple Watch’s Fall detection function. Instead, I collect some Apple Watch the fall detection discussions for your reference.

Apple Watch Taiwan discussion 2018 comment seems to be a bit weird


Apple Watch foreign 2020 evaluation, misjudgment exists (misjudgment dialing out, washing dishes, turning the steering wheel, taking TV remote control and other daily activities)

Apple Watch Medical Alert Review

  As for consumers who care about their family very much and willing to bear the misjudged SOS call, Apple Watch is a big brand after all, and I guess it can be one of your fall-SOS product choices. However, Apple Watch fall detection has its own Proviso: it cannot detect all types. Fall, for your reference.

Remote HR/BP measurement: ★★★★★ !!!!! Excellent

   Via phone app, you can remotely command to measure the trend of heart rate and blood pressure of watch wearer. The data return is estimated to take a minute. It’s a little bit longer than I expected. However, it is a big merit can be used to estimate the physiological condition to find out if the wearer is in normal health!

In addition, when performing remote measurement, the watch will not display the screen message during the measurement, which can reduce the discomfort of the wearer that being monitored (recommended for people who extremely care about their parents).

Low battery notification: ★★★★★ !!!!! excellent

    When the watch battery power is less than 20%, it will notify you. Indeed this is a very practical function. Normally people will disagree, but I think it is impossible for individuals to always remember to charge the watch, neither less to say the elderly. Therefore even the wearer forget to charge, at least you can be reminded to pay special attention to the situation. For instance, I am a heavy smart phone user, and I must charge my phone before going to bed every day. As long as the mobile phone is out of power, I will be very anxious. I still would forget to charge my phone sometimes.

Other functions

Magnetic charging cable: ★★★★ Good

  The most important part of the accessories is the charging cable. Without a charging cable, the entire watch is useless. In recent years, there are basically two USB designs of health bracelets. One with USB-A plug on watch case much easier to charge, you can directly plugged watch’s USB-A into USB charger. Another type is like Osmile ED1000, charging with magnetic USB cable. It is worth mentioning that the ED1000’s magnetic charging cable has a fool-proof design, and it is easy to charge without fear of charging at the wrong side.

  (*Sometimes the bad quality watches on the market may burn out when charging in the wrong direction/position. It’s non-sense but the terrible design did exist.)

The recommended charging time is about 3 hours (DC 5V/1A). Here, please make sure your charger supports DC 5V/1A.When The USB charger has insufficient power supply, it will take a way longer time to charge e.g. 6 HRS for 5V/0.5A)

Stress trend: a function for reference only, you can check it out when you have time, it is a fun function

Translation function: It is just a google translation, which is quite difficult to use on the watch “Period”

Finding watch: Every smart watch has the function and I do not want to test ~ skip. Basically it is vibration or sound.

Step counting/sleeping/sedentary reminder: Same as above

Take Medicine reminder: Three reminders can be set, which is not bad

Heart rate/Blood pressure/Blood oxygen Detection: These three values will be measured together by pressing one button. It takes about 25 seconds to measure the three groups of data together. (A bit slow but acceptable for three together)

Okay~~  This is the end of the Osmile ED1000 Dementia Tracker GPS watch review. Thank you for your time.

Osmile ED1000 Dementia Tracker Specification:

Model: Osmile ED1000Charging method:Magnetic USB Charging 
Wireless transmission:4G Nano Sim Card(5G)Charging time:2.5 hours
System requirement:Android 4.4 above ; IOS 9.0 aboveStandby time:Around 3 days
CPU : SP9820EWatch material:ABS + PC
Screen Size : IPS 1.4’Strap Material:Leather – Black 
Resolution:240 * 240 pixelStrap Material : Silicone Gel –  Black; Grey; Purple; Red  
Touch:Capacitive touchWatch Size:25.7 * 4.1 * 1.5 cm
Screen : IPS touch screen Watch weight:53g
Camera:0.3 mpWaterproof Level:IP67 
GPS Sensitivity : – 159 dBmWarranty:12 months (Support fast repair, but not artificial damage)
Battery Capacity:650 mAh Lithium BatteryCustomer service:Provide watch installation service  
Voltage:DC 5V NCC : CCAP18LP4690T5


Osmile ED1000 GPS tracker needs to be charge once in 3 weeks, when it is not in use.

Osmile ED1000, GPS tracker does not support hot shower, or swimming.

Osmile does not be responsible for legal issue for SOS dial out function failure, Customer should be aware that SOS dialing out may not succeed for factors like 4G signal is too week or no signal, human operation error, setting error etc.

Osmile Technology Co., Ltd

B2B professional cloud health analysis smart bracelet manufacturer

Customize: Hospital, Heath Center, Care Home, Cloud Smart Bracelet

Useful information about dementia & Dementia Tracker

Dementia is the term used in recent years, and it used to be mostly referred to as Alzheimer’s. It is now generally called a kind of mental disorder or sometime we will say with mental disability. Patients with dementia (Alzheimer’s disease) have different symptom at the beginning, middle, and late stages. “Wandering” is a common problem for early and mid-stage patients. Because of their weak sense of orientation and decreased judgment, they are at high risk of not being able to find their way home, not recognizing familiar communities, even staying on the bulletin board for missing persons for a long time in the end.


Below information is quoted from NIH’s ALZHEIMER’S CAREGIVING https://reurl.cc/AgyE5e

Tips to Prevent Wandering

Here are some tips to help prevent the person with Alzheimer’s from wandering away from home:

  • Keep doors locked. Consider a keyed deadbolt, or add another lock placed up high or down low on the door. If the person can open a lock, you may need to get a new latch or lock.*
  • Use loosely fitting doorknob covers so that the cover turns instead of the actual knob.*
  • Place STOP, DO NOT ENTER, or CLOSED signs on doors.
  • Divert the attention of the person with Alzheimer’s disease away from using the door by placing small scenic posters on the door; placing removable gates, curtains, or brightly colored streamers across the door; or wallpapering the door to match any adjoining walls.
  • Install safety devices found in hardware stores to limit how much windows can be opened.
  • Install an “announcing system” that chimes when a door is opened.
  • Secure the yard with fencing and a locked gate.
  • Keep shoes, keys, suitcases, coats, hats, and other signs of departure out of sight.
  • Do not leave a person with Alzheimer’s who has a history of wandering unattended.

* Due to the potential hazard they could cause if an emergency exit is needed, locked doors and doorknob covers should be used only when a caregiver is present.

First Steps (Assists to identify wanders)

Try to follow these steps before the person with Alzheimer’s disease wanders:

  • Make sure the person carries some kind of ID or wears a medical bracelet. If the person gets lost and can’t communicate clearly, an ID will let others know about his or her illness. It also shows where the person lives.
  • Consider enrolling the person in the MedicAlert® + Alzheimer’s Association Safe Return® Program (call 1-800-432-5378 to find the program in your area).
  • Let neighbors and the local police know that the person with Alzheimer’s tends to wander. Ask them to alert you immediately if the person is seen alone and on the move.
  • Place labels in garments to aid in identification.
  • Keep an article of the person’s worn, unwashed clothing in a plastic bag to aid in finding him or her with the use of dogs.
  • Keep a recent photograph or video recording of the person to help police if he or she becomes lost.

Support for dementia- help equipment

The following four types of items/equipment can provide anti-lost and search function. A simple comparison table is as follows. You can combine use those assistive item according to different needs. Especially Tracker for dementia, Autism, and ALZHEIMER

 GPS tracker
-BBCall like
GPS Tracker
-GPS Watch
UsagecarrycarrycarrySewed on
clothes or bag
Tracking locationO Phone APPO Phone APPXX
Voice MessageXOXX
Electronic fenceOOXX
Phone CallOOXX
Remote CameraXOXX
Remote MicrophoneXOXX
Line supportXOXX
Sedentary reminderXOXX
Take Medicine reminderXOXX
Step counting functionXOXX
Physiological Trend
Remote Vital MonitorXOXX
Low Battery ReminderXOXX

Check Ocare ED1000 Tracker

What is an assistive device? What is an assistive device? Definition of an assistive device

An Assistive Device is any device that helps someone do something that they might not otherwise be able to do well or at all.

Generally the term is used for devices that help people overcome a handicap such as a mobility, vision, mental, dexterity or hearing loss.

Assistive devices to support people who have a hearing loss may help them hear better (hearing aids or ALDs) or they may take the place of hearing such as an alerting device, a TTY, or a computer (for email, chat services or access to IP-Relay).

Assistive devices that people with dementia can apply for-personal satellite locator/tracker

When the demented elders go out on their own, wearing a personal satellite locator can assist in tracking and finding, positioning the location of the elders, and having an emergency help call function. People with dementia carry personal satellite locators with them, so that the way home is no longer far away.

What is the best gps tracker for Alzheimer's patients? Or  do you recommend other Dementia GPS Tracker?

I didn’t try other GPS tracker watches, but ED1000 Dementia tracker GPS watch is confirmed workable GPS tracker.

BTW I found there is no Osmile ED1000 review or Osmile ED1000 unbox on internet. Hope this Osmile ED1000 review & unbox can help people understand what GPS tracker can do for elderly more. Or to know more about tracking device for dementia (Dementia Tracker).

After all, GPS tracker is effective for locating the wandering person. For who have family with dementia and having wandering symptom, I sincerely recommend getting one GPS tracking device. You do not have to buy the particular Osmile ED1000 GPS tracker for dementia patients. However at least buy one GPS device for your beloved one.  (I ever lost someone years ago, I never wanted to describe how and what happen even now, just tears. I don’t know if a tracker might help me or not that time. Maybe it would help nothing, but at least, at least ~ Maybe I can said to myself that I ever did something, but it is just a meaningless “maybe” now)



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